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‘Miserando Atque Eligendo’:
What Is the Holy Father Trying to Say?

“Jesus therefore sees the tax collector, and since he sees by having mercy and by choosing, he says to him, ‘follow me.’” – Venerable Bede, commenting on the calling of St. Matthew the Apostle; the underlined text is the origin of Pope Francis’s motto, “Miserando atque eligendo.” It should come as no surprise to this group that I continue to be concerned about our Holy Father Pope Francis and the conflicting and conflicted coverage of his pontificate. For me, this is a practical preoccupation: on a regular basis, I encounter all sorts of people who want to draw nearer to

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Oh, For Mercy’s Sake!

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, recently unveiled the logo for the Year of Mercy at the Vatican.  The New Evangelization is in big trouble. The Vatican has more magnificent, inspiring art than any place on earth.  We can now add sad, insipid, embarrassing and troubling.  My first reaction to the Year of Mercy logo was to make sure that I was not reading an article from The Onion about Woodstock Jesus.  It appears that Jesus is a stereotypical extraterrestrial with big black eyes and a chin too narrow for the rest of his

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