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Bird Brains and Screen Junkies

A friend shared a frightening article on social media the other day, on the terrifying effects of electronic gadgets on the minds of young children. Many parents today have a love-hate relationship with tablets, smart phones, computers, and game systems: they see educational benefits, entertainment options, and opportunities to reward or punish, but they also have an instinctive (if not firsthand) sense that time spent on these gadgets is not quality time and fosters ugly attitudes and habits in their progeny. But this article goes further, relating a story of a boy whose early and constant exposure to electronics put him

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Technology: A Marriage of Science and Ethics

Recently, I traveled to Asia.  During my trip, I had the opportunity to visit IBM and discussthe present state of their cognitive platform Watson, along with strategic plans for its future development.  Watson’s ability to analyze and draw insight from large amounts of disparate data, and offer functionality very close to learning, is quite impressive.  During our discussion, its ability to provide answers and solutions to questions that were bias free was touted.  On this, I challenged my host on two counts. The first issue I had was that the statement categorized all bias as being of negative value.  It’s true

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Brave New World?

I recently watched a lecture given by Peter Diamandis, the guy who heads up the X Prize contests (private spaceflight and uber-efficient cars).  He imagines, develops and profits from, cutting edge technology and its applications to our lives.  Smart man, dynamic, with interesting material. He talked about how computing power will soon have enough capacity to match the human brain, and soon after that to match all human brains on the planet.  He showed a video clip of Watson, the IBM computer that beat a couple of humans on the Jeopardy game show.  Then there was a clip of a robot examining and folding laundry,

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