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Where Will Make Our Stand?

Last week, the most compelling thing I read was a letter from besieged Washington state florist Baronelle Stutzman, quoted in full by First Things in a post called “Stand with Baronelle Stutzman.” Stutzman refused to provide flowers for a longtime customer’s same-sex wedding, and is now facing the potential loss of her livelihood and home to a discrimination lawsuit filed by the Washington attorney general. The letter is worth reading. Stutzman clearly and courageously refuses an offer to settle the lawsuit: Washington’s constitution guarantees us “freedom of conscience in all matters of religious sentiment.” I cannot sell that precious freedom.

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The Value of Missionaries in WWII Burma for Allied Success and Beyond

I recently listened to a podcast from the International Spy Museum, about the OSS (precursor to the CIA) in Burma during World War II.  The audio is a 30 minute presentation from author Troy Sacquety summarizing his book, The OSS in Burma: Jungle War against the Japanese.  The OSS’s Detachment 101 was tasked to organize resistance against the Japanese in Burma.  It was a nearly impossible mission, given the circumstances:  Det. 101 was under-funded and nearly untrained (they weren’t even formally inserted into the OSS org chart, and their initial air-drop into Burma was done with no training and out of

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A Contentious Canonization?

To judge from the title of this article (Pope Francis completes contentious canonisation of Otranto martyrs) you would be forgiven for assuming that riots had broken out at the Vatican.  You know, water cannons knocking over soccer hooligans defiantly blowing on their vuvuzelas while the Holy Father was speaking.  However, having read articles from a few secular sources now, it seems that the contention boils down to this – the press doesn’t like it.  There are a few commonalities running through this reporting. This was all the nasty Pope Benedict’s idea, a wicked parting gift to his successor, the nice

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