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Three’s A Crowd

A few months ago, New Scientist revealed that a baby was born earlier this year using a newly developed technique which used DNA from three people, allowing parents with rare genetic mutations to have (allegedly) healthy babies.  The science itself is fascinating, of course, as science often is; another testimony to the creative genius of fallen man.  I won’t summarize the article here as it is short and easy to understand, but will rather point out a couple of ironies. Leaving aside the immoral act of IVF, the Jordanian couple who underwent the procedure couldn’t use the method approved in

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Heather’s Going To Have Two Mommies, After All?

Yesterday morning on the BBC radio app I learned that the British parliament was set to vote on whether to make the UK the first country in the world to allow a genetic manipulation of embryos that will result in so-called “three person babies.”  Ostensibly, the vote will only allow manipulation so that defective maternal mitochondria is not passed down to her children.  I’ve since heard that the House of Commons has voted yea, and it seems a foregone conclusion that the House of Lords will follow suit.  This has been proposed and debated for many years. The teaching of

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