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‘We Need a New Boniface’

Yesterday was the Feast of St. Boniface, patron of the German people. The St. Paul Street Evangelization Facebook page published this photo of the great bishop and missionary whose statue graces our Sanctuary, as well as the excerpt below, taken from his writings: Let us stand fast in what is right, and prepare our souls for trial. Let us wait upon God’s strengthening aid and say to him: “O Lord, you have been our refuge in all generations.” Let us trust in him who has placed this burden upon us. What we ourselves cannot bear let us bear with the

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The Real Issue About Marriage

In a previous post I considered how the example of St. Joseph can be used to give encouragement to men who are struggling to live their vocation in marriage and parenthood.  Upon further reflection on our culture’s crisis in the breakdown of marriage, and it’s subsequent rush for redefining marriage into what it is not, I found this article pertinent and interesting. Divorce, cohabitation, and out-of-wedlock births are what have caused the institution of marriage to become soiled to the point where it has become attractive to the homosexual agitators and the uninformed public.  We can wring our hands in dispair about the recent redefinition

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