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Solid Intellectual Food In a Meta World

As my Junto brothers know, our eldest has been in the process of choosing a college. I have a 15-year history in higher education, as a student and marketing/communication professional, so it’s been interesting to see how different universities pitch themselves to prospective students. I’ve also been asked countless times where we want our teen to go: BigU? Ivy League? Catholic college (and if so, “Catholic” or, like, Newman Guide Catholic)? I have been decidedly unimpressed with most of the materials and approaches we’ve seen, but it wasn’t until this morning that I put my finger on exactly why. As providence would

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More Ivy League Notions of ‘Tolerance’

Last month: being pro-life is incompatible with Yale students’ notions of social justice. This month? Satanism is a form of protest against tyranny, and a Black Mass is not a mockery of Catholicism, according to folks at Harvard. Apparently, it’s educational — and they will use bread, but not a consecrated host, so Catholics should have a problem…right?

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Lux et Veritas?
No ‘Social Justice’ for
Pro-Lifers, Unborn

Over the past two decades I have spent considerable time on a wide variety of college campuses. In that time, I have seen firsthand a steady march away from authentic free inquiry and open debate — away from any concept of Truth in favor of an earthy Progress. So I was more disappointed that surprised to see that students at one of our country’s “great” universities had deemed the campus’s pro-life group unworthy of full membership to the university’s social justice and community service non-profit: Yale Pro-Life Group Rejected by ‘Social Justice’ League. Perhaps I should be encouraged by the

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