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Gosnell Redux? I Sure Hope Not, But…

So, “Dr” Kermit Gosnell agreed to forego any appeals to his convictions on three counts of murdering live babies, in exchange for life sentences rather than the death penalty.  (Odd, the man who banally snipped the spines of children to kill them, clings stubbornly to his own life, but that’s another post some time)  God have mercy on his soul and on those souls whom he corrupted and those of his victims. As surreal and horrific the details of this case are, I predict there are other men and women out there doing the same thing, and under the same guise

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The Right Side of Eternity

Today same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land in Minnesota. Over the past few months, in particular, I’ve heard a number of people try to shame opponents of this legislation by comparing it to overturning Jim Crow laws and other important civil rights actions of the past. They say that those of us who believe marriage is a real and particular thing that cannot be redefined will wake on morning forty years from now to find we were on “the wrong side of history.” Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco shared a different take with USA Today earlier this year

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