1. Spaniard says:

    I’ve recently heard a proposal that the Olympics be kept in one city (or one for winter and one for summer) rather than move around, to reduce the ridiculous outlay of resources by the host country. Once the infrastructure is built then at least there won’t be additional empty stadia and velodromes littering the globe. The IOC won’t allow this because the selection of the next city is accompanied by millions (tens?) of dollars under the table to the IOC members and their cronies. As you point out this is exploitation of the first magnitude.

  2. Timshel says:

    A couple additional, unfortunate notes:

    – Usain Bolt, after being touted for his Catholic faith, was apparently photographed/videoed partying with multiple young women, after which his long-time girlfriend/fiance learned about his exploits on social media. We are all sinners, of course, but what little I heard about his response to the “scandal” was that it was no big deal where he’s from … and his exploits have continued since.

    – Robert Mugabe apparently ordered police to arrest Zimbabwe’s Olympians for not medaling — North Korea, too? — a la the Iraqi athletes under Hussein: http://www.indiatimes.com/sports/rio-olympics/no-medals-in-rio-get-arrested-robert-mugabe-orders-zimbabwean-olympic-team-to-be-taken-into-custody-260696.html.

    I love watching great athletes perform, but the money, fame, and obsession with perfection is mind-boggling. There must be a better way to “build a better world through sport.”

  3. Didymus says:

    I recall hearing results of a survey done of Olympic athletes around the time of the 1984 games in which when asked if they could take a drug that would guarantee a gold medal but that would also kill them in 5 years, a staggering 50% said they would do it. The corruption of the Olympics is much worse than that of worldly bribes and government scandals – the Olympic obsession has become a spiritual corruption for many of the athletes. For me the cons have finally outweighed the pros. This was the first Olympics in my living memory that I refused to watch at all; not even a highlight.

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