The Case of the Mysterious Meeting

A very hectic week has until now kept me from commenting on the Kim Davis affair, which if contained in a story by Erle Stanley Gardner might be named “The Case of the Mysterious Meeting.”  I realize by now the story has lost most of its legs and will likely disappear in the muddling noise of newer, sexier events.  However…

Apparently Kim Davis, the clerk who spent a bit of time in jail for refusing to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples in her Kentucky county, did indeed “meet with” the Holy Father during his visit to the U.S.  Davis and her attorney have tended to paint the encounter as an intimate and affirming exchange between the Davises and the pope.  After several days of coy half-statements the Vatican admitted there was a meeting, but only in the sense that the Davises got close enough to the Holy Father to touch his hand along with a couple hundred others.  The latest dispute has gotten a bit more vigorous with Davis’ attorney sticking to the story about a private meeting and pleasantries that included a pair of rosaries given to them by the pontiff; and Vatican spokesmen who are now suggesting that if there was a private meeting it could’ve been the machinations of a rogue bishop, and in any event what ever happened should not be construed as an endorsement of Mrs. Davis’ motives or actions.  Clear as mud.

The pope can meet with whomever he wants, and privately if that’s his preference.  It’s too bad that this whole thing has degenerated into an unseemly they said-they said.  The private nature of the meeting has been removed, for better or worse, so for the sake of the truth and the avoidance of scandal, I believe it’s better to find out what actually happened.  If the Davises have inflated and lied about the meeting, that should be proven and cleared up.  If what they describe is by and large the truth, the Vatican should admit it.

Bring in Raymond Burr.

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