Gift From God Or Financial Sponge?

Does any twisting of healthy family life surprise anymore?  The attached article describes a lawsuit taking place in Italy.  Back in 2000, a couple attempted to have their baby girl aborted, but the abortion failed, leaving the mother to actually (gasp!) carry and deliver the child that she and her husband had conceived.  Now they want the hospital to pay for the entire cost of bringing up their daughter.

I was particularly struck that after trying to kill their daughter and now trying to avoid financial responsibility for her existence, they actually have the nerve to call her a “gift from God.”  They should have added “but we told Him to take His gift and shove it.”

Can you imagine conversations with your teenage daughter in these circumstances?

“This curfew is because we know what is best for you.”  “Like dying in the womb was best for me?”

“Do your homework.”  “Or what, you’ll try to kill me again?”

Card from daughter – “Happy Anniversary to my loving parents.  Thanks for picking a bad abortionist.”

This is going to make one heck of a eulogy some day.  “My dad was an incredibly loving, caring man – well, except for the time that he tried to kill me, and then sued someone so my unfortunate existence wouldn’t cost him a single euro.  Otherwise, a really great dad!”

St. Joseph, pray for us.

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