Defunding Defeat

I’ve been out of town with my family for several days now, unplugged from virtually all media.  It’s relaxing and disconcerting at the same time.  However, my phone still buzzes occasionally with an AP news headline, and I knew that a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood was gaining steam after several videos have emerged showing PP officers blithely discussing their grisly vocation.  Sadly, I wasn’t at all surprised when on Monday the headline came through that the motion to move the bill forward by ending the Democrat filibuster had failed to reach 60 yeas by a (party line) vote of 53-46.  Tonight I finally got online to read about the particulars of the vote and its fallout.

Of fallout, there is little.  No one expected enough Democrat defections (there were two) to be able to hit the 60-vote limit, not to mention for the bill itself to make it to law.  The hardest thing for a political body to do is reduce funding, for anything (recall those videos of crustaceans on treadmills?) so there’s a natural momentum to continue spending money on this.  And enough constituents have been willfully ignorantly lulled into the complacency of accepting abortion that many politicians won’t even attempt simple, logical arguments against the killing of a population that is 50% female under the trope of “women’s health.”  The news has cycled back to Donald Trump’s faux run for office and Hillary Clinton’s very real and likely successful run.

Of particulars, there are a couple of interesting details.  One Republican (Mark Kirk of Illinois) voted nay to advance the bill, presumably simple political calculus.  And then there was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s nay vote; which purports to be a strategy that allows a new battle line over the PP funding fight to be drawn at October’s federal budget vote; but which in my opinion is just another attempt to make failed leadership look cleverer than it is.  The Republicans could threaten to nix any federal budget that includes PP funding, which could lead to a showdown amid one of those mis-named “government shutdowns;” however, the majority leader has already signaled that this won’t happen.  So much for strategies.

For the junto and for all faithful Christians:

  1. Continue to pray for expectant mothers, the fathers of those babies, and our political leaders to have their hearts turned toward life.
  2. Donate to a women’s health clinic that doesn’t perform deadly, morally illicit actions.  They’re out there.
  3. Write to your legislators voicing your opinions on abortion and the funding of it.  Rest assured the other side is doing this.

St. Gerard, pray for us!

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