Aware and Prepared

Mindful of the prior post from Timshel related to the Charleston church shooting and our responsibility to ensure our family’s security, I recently read in the local free newspaper an article about the Wright County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Law Enforcement Academy.  This course is offered to citizens who are interested in finding out more about the workings of local law enforcement and the criminal justice system and the article highlighted the most recent class that just graduated.

During my web search to find out more about this topic, I was pleasantly surprised to find many cities and counties offering similar courses; certainly for improving public relations and transparency, but also to lay a good groundwork for those who want to be better prepared in that rare case where one may need to take action.  Unfortunately, I cannot find an online version of the paper article I read so I can’t link to it.  However, the local course application form gives a good summary of objectives and topics.  The article also mentioned that participants can take part in role playing scenarios, where disturbances are recreated and officers explain how one should react.  The course wraps up with some time on the firing range, where officers give tips to those who may have an interest in personal protection.

The course is free – what more could you ask for?  Here is a suggestion to the Junto members – each of us should consider applying when the next course becomes available.

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