With Clarity, Force, and Love

There has been a lot of attention given (for obvious reasons) to Latin America the last few years.  Though the Church once thrived to the south, as of late She has begun to lose her popularity.  Attention should be given to Latin America, and an attempt to fan the flames of faith should be made.  But, I do not think we should be looking south for the future of the Faith.  Well, at lease not due south.

I stumbled across the following video excerpt from the Q&A session with Francis Cardinal Arinze at the 2007 Totus Tuus Conference (full video here – highly recommend).  When I watch the video, I am struck by how the Cardinal speaks with such clarity, force, and … love – things sadly lacking in many of the European and U.S. bishops.  I think about how the African bishops are expected to hold the orthodox line at the upcoming synod of the family, making it clear that “Africa will speak with one voice at the next Synod – with one voice we will present the challenges and successes of family life in Africa.”  I can’t help but hope that Africa is the future for the Church, and that no time is wasted sending missionaries to the world.

Yes indeed your Eminence, everything has its proper place.




  1. J. Thorp says:

    Thank you for sharing. If only all our Church leaders spoke so simply and clearly (and yet with humor!) when asked a question…

  2. Spaniard says:

    Agreed – I believe I first heard this Q&A (or one very much like it) several years ago on a “catholic family” podcast. I’ve been drawn to Arinze ever since… I thought perhaps he’d be an heir to Benedict, but circumstances got in the way.

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