The Groin Supremacy

It was an odd week for me.  Once upon a time I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  At that time we were mostly preparing to face the Red Army pouring through the Fulda Gap.  Yet the enemies of the Constitution today are domestic, and live within the institutions that it created.  I couldn’t think of anything much to celebrate about the U.S. this 4th, so I mostly just kept busy and tried not to  think about it.  Then I saw the story of the 22-year old man in Maine who was killed on the 4th of July when he decided to launch a firework from the top of his head.

This young man placed a fireworks mortar tube on top of his head and decided to light it.  As a police spokesman said, undoubtedly with a straight face, “Apparently he thought that was a good idea.” His older brother said “There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left.”  He called this incident “an accident.”  Note to brother – don’t confuse an unintended consequence with an accident. He then added that “Devon was not the kind of person who would do something stupid.”  Pay no attention to the headless corpse at your feet.

And then I thought about the five lawyers who just decided that the Constitution really guaranteed sodomite “marriage,” which seems a shocking oversight in the Federalist Papers (shame on you Hamilton and Madison).  But don’t worry, you faithful dissenters from this liberal lawyers’ magisterium, my fellow ‘heretics of hate.”  These justices would never “impede the free exercise of religion,” amendment numero uno, even though that is implied in their ruling according to the dissenting opinion.  We’re still safe to practice our religion, right?  Pay no attention to the headless corpse at your feet. A constitution that is so malleable has no real existence, whatever it once meant there is “no Devon left.”

Now that the Supreme Court has removed yet another of the moral levees guiding our governance, the flood is about to begin, from people seeking not the true and the good, but the primacy of groin over intellect and will.  The law of the land is governed by a new philosophy, displayed in all of its muddy confusion by an anti-Aristotle named Kennedy.  Even the New Republic, which (naturally) agrees with the outcome, called Justice Kennedy’s opinion “muddled, unconvincing” and “a logical disaster.”

It is more rotten fruit of the Reformation.  After all, if God’s eternal revelation in the Bible means what I say it does, how much more so the Constitution?  So prepare for more inevitable consequences (perhaps unintended, perhaps not with this bunch) of The Groin Supremacy.  The anti-Aristotle’s ridiculous musings that the heart of liberty means “the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe” really means that liberty requires society to be structured around my particular choice of orgasm.

I just realized something; maybe it is part of why I feel so melancholic.  According to the Supreme Court, the domestic enemy of the Constitution that I swore an oath to defend against is…me.

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