The Dignity of the Office

In keeping with our theme of dignity: one of the things that bothered me most in the aftermath of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding marriage was the image of the White House adorned in rainbow colors in celebration of a decision that will, like Roe V. Wade, deeply divide our country. (See the image below, and the social media icon above…for what it’s worth, our president  apparently felt this was “pretty cool.”) This is a bit of a cop-out post — but since we’re celebrating Independence Day with family and since, in a brief article entitled “Rainbow White House,” First Things said pretty much everything I wanted to say about it, I’ll simply let them do the talking:

Sending messages about such things is just not what the People’s House is for. …Last, it should certainly not be used to praise and celebrate any public policy issue that is so clearly divisive to our nation’s populace, regardless of what that issue is and how righteous its celebrants believe its virtue. There will always be serious Americans who oppose any public policy change for serious and well-intentioned reasons. To treat their small bit of ownership of that house in that way is at best un-neighborly and insensitive and at worst, is a naked bid to rub their face in it.


Lest this quote sound like the rant of a sore loser, consider the entire article, then consider the path the presidency has taken in recent years: the path of late-night television, hashtags, and sound bytes. The White House, the Office of the President, our flag — these things carry their own weight and send their own message without being coopted by the cause of the moment.

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