Go Ask Alice

I recently came across an interview by Trent Beattie in the National Catholic Register (NCR) with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand. Dr. von Hildebrand is Professor Emeritus at Hunter College in New York City. To many, she is known as the wife of the late Catholic theologian and philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand whom she met when a student at Fordham University. In 1949, Alice received her PhD in philosophy from Fordham and was hired as the first woman to teach philosophy at Hunter College (CUNY) in New York City. Like her famous husband, she is an accomplished author and worldwide lecturer. I was fortunate to attend one of her lectures about 20 years ago while attending a Catholic Conference. I thought the Junto might enjoy a few excerpts from the NCR interview:
Today, we have largely replaced beauty with “fun.” What I mean by “fun” is the countless distractions that help us to forget that we [as a society] are tremendously bored. The noise, flash and inanity so common today serve to keep us oblivious to our own disconnect with reality. Instead of searching for meaning in life, we cover up our present lack of purpose with an abundance of superficial delights.
. . . The great tragedy of today is that truth has been replaced by preferences, goodness by whim and beauty by “fun.” In my 37 years of teaching, the overwhelming majority of students I encountered were of the belief that truth, goodness and beauty were relative: They were whatever you wanted to make of them. My conception of them may differ from yours, and this was to be celebrated, not lamented.
The reality is far different. We are in a severe moral crisis in which the eternal truths have been exchanged for temporary fads. We have been blinded into valuing quick fixes more than a permanent transformation.

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/alice-von-hildebrand-on-fleeting-fads-and-eternal-truth/#ixzz3e5WpgKa0

and http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/alice-von-hildebrand-on-fleeting-fads-and-eternal-truth/#ixzz3e5WPmywF

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