Devil May Care? I Think He Does!

From Jimmy Akin’s latest blog post regarding Pope Francis.  As Jimmy points out, the Zenit news agency’s report that the Holy Father said “Jesus” doesn’t care what kind of Christian one is, was mixed up.  Zenit has corrected the error as of today.  Francis was actually referring to the Devil, who doesn’t care about denomination because he (the Devil, not Francis) seeks to lead astray any Christian.

Thanks to Jimmy for this information– the last thing Francis needs these days is a quote taken out of context, mistranslated from Spanish, or otherwise mangled from its true intent.

But… wait a moment.  Wouldn’t the Devil care about denomination?  Ecumenical efforts are good and sometimes even bear positive fruit, but only necessary because non-Christians haven’t yet been converted or non-Catholic Christians have strayed from, or been raised apart from, the One True Church.  While that might not be a welcome stance at the John 17 Movement conference, and a bit rude at that, this insight should at least serve to encourage us Catholics to heed the Holy Father’s call to reach out, in charity, to bring others into Mother Church.

Of course, that conversion starts with ourselves and is continuous.  But it does matter what you’re converting to, in my opinion.

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