The Real Issue About Marriage


In a previous post I considered how the example of St. Joseph can be used to give encouragement to men who are struggling to live their vocation in marriage and parenthood.  Upon further reflection on our culture’s crisis in the breakdown of marriage, and it’s subsequent rush for redefining marriage into what it is not, I found this article pertinent and interesting.

Divorce, cohabitation, and out-of-wedlock births are what have caused the institution of marriage to become soiled to the point where it has become attractive to the homosexual agitators and the uninformed public.  We can wring our hands in dispair about the recent redefinition of marriage, but aren’t we ignoring the fact that marriage was essentially redefined many decades ago during the so-called sexual revolution?  Among the Junto, it has already been discussed that fighting the good fight against same-sex marriage, while noble, is a lost cause in the end.  It is a better strategy to regroup and prepare to fight the battle in a more strategic area.

Until the Church – heirarchy and laity – takes the lead in re-establishing the message of a firm foundation of the sanctity and dignity of marriage in its true form, there will be no turning back the tide of expanded definitions of marriage and family.  Divorce is the first elephant in the room to recognize and deal with.

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  1. Spaniard says:

    Artemus, your post brings up several intriguing questions and thoughts. If you are stating that marriage has been made so disposable that “anybody can try it,” then it does indeed make sense that those who don’t truly know or respect its sacramental nature will desire only the more superficial, corporeal aspects: companionship, protection and sexual pleasure. The higher order procreative aspect of the marital union, in which husband and wife participate with God in creating new life, can be left behind in their eyes.

    I tend to think that since we’ve apparently lost the war on the definition of marriage, at least linguistically and legally, the Church needs to completely decouple civil and sacramental unions worldwide, and adopt new marital terminology that, hopefully, cannot be hijacked.

    Roman Catholic Sacramental Heterosexual Monogamous Matrimony is kinda a mouthful, though.

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