Your Voice Is a Gift From God…Give It Back!

ChoirClipArtIn honor of our fearless leader and his insights into liturgical music, I share a bit of humor from First Things: “Catholics Don’t Sing Like Lutherans.”  Follow the links in the article, too, if you have time. Educational and entertaining!

Perhaps the writer is right about the differences between German Lutherans and Irish Catholics — but what of German Catholics? And perhaps the spirit of Irish singing isn’t out of place among Catholics, even if it doesn’t belong in Church. Says Chesterton: “Once men sang together round a table in chorus; now one man sings alone, for the absurd reason that he can sing better. If scientific civilization goes on . . . only one man will laugh, because he can laugh better than the rest.”

Perhaps a song with our pints, next Junto? Mend well, Mr. President!

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