How About Some Sauce For The Gander?

Goose (300x200)Can we take our President at his word?  On January 26th, during his trip to India, President Obama said that “Every person has a right to practice the faith that they choose and to practice no faith at all — and to do so free of persecution, fear or discrimination.”  If you are a religious business owner in this country who objects to paying for birth control, or a Christian baker or florist who objects to using your creative talents to celebrate homosexual non-marriage, you’re forgiven for doing a double-take.  The President’s operative phrase is “right to practice” – not to believe silently, not to believe as long as it doesn’t slow the advancement of whatever morass of distorted alleged sexual rights the Administration is pushing, but a simple “right to practice.”  I’m with you, Mr. President.  Might your views on religious freedom be evolving the way they did on homosexuality?

Sadly we know better.  The President went on to say that “upholding freedom of religion is the utmost responsibility of the government.”  O.K. – now he’s just rubbing salt into the wounds that he helped to carve.  He lectures the Indian chefs about the proper sauce for their geese, while demanding that Americans choke on our dry ganders.  What’s that word for someone who says one thing and does another?  H – something.

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