Our Missing Rib, Part 2

Blogger’s Note: This is the second in an irregular series of posts on the differences between the genders in order to spread peace and understanding. The first such post is here.

A friend recently posted this column from The Washington Post, from a dad who blamed his stay-at-home wife for their messy house, until he realized what she was really doing with her time. This could have been a I’m-so-sorry-for-being-a-guy sort of thing, but I actually found that it resonated with me on two levels:

  1. I’ve had the same thought processes and frustrations as the author, only to realize that my wife is great at relating to our kids (especially the little ones) in ways I am not, that my older kids love spending times just hanging around with their mother in ways they don’t with me, and that it only makes sense that a natural-born mom would be drawn to momming over housewifing any day of the week.
  2. To me, it is as indication of our gender differences that I am focused on how simple it is to clean up the house. She’s thinking about what the kids really need from her (when she doesn’t clean), or what other people are gonna think of her (when she does clean). All I’m thinking is, “Put those kids to work, and it’s done — order out of chaos!”

On a different and more humorous note, this rings too true for me:


Can you relate?

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