Nope, No Slippery Slope Here…

This news out of Massachusetts: The world’s first known “married” lesbian threesome is pregnant via an anonymous sperm donor and IVF. Technically only Brynn and Kitten are actually married, by the sounds; Doll is handfasted to both, making them somehow all legally obligated to one another — so as one astute online commenter suggests, it’s not really marriage, so we can’t consider it another blow to the sacrament. They even have a hip new term, throuple — and they each have their roles to play, but none has to work too hard. They hope to have three babies — one each! — isn’t that sweet?

In addition to their too-roller-derby-to-be-true names,  they also identify as “poly,” or polygamous. It’s just who they are. Sound familiar? Defenders of marriage are often ridiculed for referencing a slippery slope, but it doesn’t seems so farfetched, does it?


  1. Didymus says:

    From the “handfasted” link: “The term has come to be used as a replacement for “marriage” in the vocabulary of Neopaganism, especially in Wicca.” Wow – who would have thought that demons were involved in this whole marriage thing?

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