Rolling Stone Crude and Superficial? Who Knew?

From the Catholic World Report: “Vatican spokesman responds to Rolling Stone article’s ‘surprising crudeness’” — I can’t quite bring myself to read the entire Rolling Stone piece yet, but from this, it sounds like the pope emeritus might have caught the brunt of it. He deserves better, but I had another thought: When Pope Francis was named TIME’s Person of the Year, supposedly someone at the Vatican said they weren’t sure how much of an honor it was, considering some of the others who had been recognized that way.

Have they ever seen the cover of Rolling Stone? Crude and superficial is what they do. I hope the Vatican wasn’t genuinely surprised — and I hope they didn’t contribute to the article.

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  1. Didymus says:

    I haven’t read anything in Rolling Stone since I was a teenager, but they were crude and superficial when Pope Paul VI was still in office. Unlikely that they swam against the downward rushing waterfall of our culture since then. Wonder how many baptized Catholics get their faith news from sources like this? Probably don’t want to know the answer to that.

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