I recently had this article pop up on my Kindle USA Today application. Needless to say, I could not believe that 1) a so-called journalist would actually write something so ridiculous; and 2) that a media outlet would publish it. Has our family structure been so decimated that one could seriously promote stuff like this? So I step back and think, the concept of government-sanctioned legal homosexual unions probably started out the same way. Start rolling the ball up the hill, and at some point the ball is at the top and it starts rolling down the other side. Articles like these are easy to dismiss now, but we must be careful about where they can lead our culture.


  1. Didymus says:

    I found the most telling comment to be her phrase “In the real world….” Apparently the only residents of the real world are those who embrace unmarried, unfettered teenage sex as a societal good, or at least can only shrug about it. She favors taking a wrecking ball to the already crumbling edifice of the family. I know intellectually and through the eyes of faith that this fallen world is not my home, but never before has that felt so true.

    There are as many silly corollaries to her proposal as there are sins. Maybe if we were more open and less judgmental when talking to our teenagers about boosting cars, they would be less likely to feel they needed to sneak around while doing it. We could create a chop shop at home for them so that they bring their stolen cars to the house. They are less likely to get into various kinds of trouble that way then if they are out secretly stealing cars without our approval. We could really improve our lines of communication about their thieving. What a way to strengthen our family ties!

  2. Spaniard says:

    Well, unfortunately I believe the answer to your question is, yes: the family has been so decimated that the discussion of sanctioned premarital sleepovers and parent-led co-habitation has been seriously raised. It’s simply the “erotic play” of Brave New World.

  3. Fr. Nathaniel Meyers says:

    One of the regular struggles religious leaders face today is the issue of couples cohabitating before marriage (though, I suspect we will see a growing number of clerics–please, God, do not let them be Catholic–who do not consider this to be problematic). I’ve often wondered how it became so acceptable so quickly that people will simply live together marriage. Seeing this article is helping me to realize that these couples are simply living out the morality of their parents. Baby-boomers didn’t see a problem with pre-marital sex and, when their children came to sexual maturity, they couldn’t offer a reasonable explanation as to why living together before marriage is wrong while pre-marital sex is not. Now that the cohabitating generation is beginning to rear children, they really can’t think of a reason why adults cohabitating is acceptible, but consenting teenagers cannot cohabitate.

    So, since the elder generation isn’t willing to question its moral assumptions and re-evaluate their behavior, they simply allow the next generation to fall further into the sinkhole. I just hate to think of what these cohabitating teens will eventually allow their children to do.

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