The Dark Knight Redeemed?

BatmanGlassIn case you missed it: author Bradley Birzer reveals his love for Batman on The Imaginative Conservative web site.

I don’t know Batman the way he does — but Birzer’s take on Batman, Bruce Wayne, and the Wayne family as embodiments of Christian virtue, natural aristocracy, and Western role models might explain why a guy like me, who didn’t grow up on comics, loves the Dark Knight films. And I hadn’t realized the Wayne family (like the Bond family) was Catholic.

Worth a read!


  1. Meddlesome says:

    A very happy take on the Caped Crusader by Mr. Birzer. As a lifelong Batman fan, I am thrilled that somebody has posted a defense of the man’s character when he is undergoing a pathetic reinvention by the Italian author Marco Mancasolla. Mancasolla is making a lame attempt to garner attention with his new book, Erotic Lives of the Superheroes, by casting the Dark Knight as a S&M homosexual.

    It’s nice to see that there are still some people who actually want to appreciate a classic character as written, not as imagined.

  2. Spaniard says:

    I enjoyed reading Birzer’s post. To take his analysis a bit further, I would venture to propose that the Batman is the perfect superhero, by being simply a hero. He’s not indestructible by virtue of the yellow sun; he’s not genetically altered by chemicals or radiation or other freak accidents. He can be killed with a bullet or knife or garrote– no need for ray guns or aliens. Every other “super” hero is a pale shadow of the Batman.

    The one part of his post that I really disagree with, is the commentary about the movie, The Dark Knight. The Joker was certainly the driving force of the action, but rather than focus on his (the Joker’s) motivations, the movie made it very clear he had no motivation, other than creating chaos. This suggests he had some traumatic part of his past, from which he reacted in the ways we see, opposite of Bruce Wayne. But all in all, I still took away the movie continued to focus on the qualities Birzer describes in the rest of his post.

    As for Dark Knight Rises… well, even the best hitters at the plate whiff sometimes.

  3. Brad Birzer says:

    Thanks everyone. Amazing that Batman will be 75 on July 23.

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