More Than One Resurrection of the Body

Frank SheedWhen a body of work is republished for a new audience, that is a resurrection of sorts.  I’m thrilled that Ignatius Press has released a new edition of Frank Sheed’s terrific 1953 book Society and Sanity.  Written 60 years ago, the book is brilliantly insightful about the nature of the right ordering of relationships between individuals, families, society and the state, and the inevitable consequences if Caesar usurps roles that are not rightly his.  If that sounds dry, it means that you have never read anything by this masterful wordsmith and thinker, who never wrote a dull sentence in his life.  More timely than ever given the unhealthy growth of Caesar in our society, I highly recommend it.  Mark Brumley, the President of Ignatius Press, was on Relevant Radio this week to plug the release.  His talk about the book starts at 37:28.

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  1. J. Thorp says:

    I hadn’t heard of Frank Sheed until a recent Eucharistic Holy Hour, in which an excerpt of one of his books was shared as a reflection. I began looking for used copies of his books, but to no avail. Glad to see this!

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