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From the Slums: a Lesson for Mother Church?

A recent podcast of EconTalk, hosted by Stanford’s Professor Russ Roberts, was an interview and discussion with Professor James Tooley of Newcastle University, who has studied the surprising phenomenon of private schools set up for the poorest citizens of countries like India and Nigeria– some of the poorest on earth.  He wondered if there was such a thing as a private education system in these slums, and amazingly there is.  Although the so-called “government schools” are free of charge to everyone, parents complain about consistently poor teacher and administrative performance.  Really bad; teachers simply not showing up for work, and

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The Birds and the Bees– and the Zygotes

The more science reveals about the universe to us, the more our Catholic faith is verified. No one in the junto, indeed no faithful Catholic, will learn anything new about the immorality of abortion from this post.  However, I would like to challenge us to reject even our own inclinations to regard some abortions as worse than others.  Without this, I fear our ability to save millions of human lives is diminished.  Most of us are moved more deeply by what is more tangible, and it might not be surprising that our stomachs turn at the thought of the surgical-suction procedure applied

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