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Hypocritical Oath?

As I was away on business for several days, I need to keep this post short and sweet. On BBC Radio’s Health Check show today, I listened to their host and an analyst discuss the phenomenon of Islamic State terrorists in Syria recruiting doctors to join the cause.  It turns out that many doctors have fled Syria amid the danger and chaos, but nevertheless people under ISIS rule continue to get sick and need medical attention.  And- will wonders never cease?- there are Muslim doctors who are answering the call, taking the oath, and getting sworn into their society of

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Illegal Immigration into Europe, and Here, Too

Migration, much of it illegal, from northern Africa to southern Europe is at a record high.  Water routes across the Mediterranean are prevalent and thousands of deaths attributed to capsized boats have dotted the news.  The situation has been escalating for several years, beginning with the failed “Arab Spring” and culminating in the present civil wars in Syria and Libya and the march of ISIS throughout the Middle East.  Stark numbers of both illegal immigrants and deaths during attempted crossings are contained in this informative BBC report, and related stories on their website.  Immigration processing centers in Greece, Malta and

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Middle Eastern Madness

Although it does not appear that missile launches into Syria are imminent, we shouldn’t put the terrible human suffering and political instability out of our minds.  The question is whether outside of prayer we can actually effect a positive outcome, about which I am doubtful.  Jesuit Father Samir Khalil Samir shares his views of the situation here.  This quote is particularly important to heed.  “The situation in Syria now is very bad, very evil, but how can we be sure that an intervention will result in something better? It’s not a kind of game where we succeed or don’t succeed.

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