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Our final American idol?

  As we approach the date of the “Big Game” on Sunday, I thought it informative for us as Catholics in America to reflect upon the following: Super Bowl TV broadcasts start at 11am and end at 10pm Live streaming of all the action is now available on mobile devices A Google search on “Deflategate” yields over 17 million results and has its own Wikipedia article Newer cars have integrated Internet access capabilities The average TV size sold in 2015 is expected to be 60″ or larger 150+ channels available on cable TV; 24/7 news, weather, sports and entertainment Our fallen

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Caesar’s New ‘Census’

The emerging story out of Washington, about the government’s warrantless gathering and mining of data about American citizens, has me thinking hard about my presence on social media, the content of my emails, the terms of my searches, and the nature of my cell-phone calls. Will I be flagged in some way, because my views are Catholic or because I spend a fair amount of time scouring the web for a particular firearm (or any available ammunition)? On bad days, I weigh seriously whether I should pull the plug and go completely off the grid (not practical, given my work

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More Than One Resurrection of the Body

When a body of work is republished for a new audience, that is a resurrection of sorts.  I’m thrilled that Ignatius Press has released a new edition of Frank Sheed’s terrific 1953 book Society and Sanity.  Written 60 years ago, the book is brilliantly insightful about the nature of the right ordering of relationships between individuals, families, society and the state, and the inevitable consequences if Caesar usurps roles that are not rightly his.  If that sounds dry, it means that you have never read anything by this masterful wordsmith and thinker, who never wrote a dull sentence in his life.

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