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Caesar’s New ‘Census’

The emerging story out of Washington, about the government’s warrantless gathering and mining of data about American citizens, has me thinking hard about my presence on social media, the content of my emails, the terms of my searches, and the nature of my cell-phone calls. Will I be flagged in some way, because my views are Catholic or because I spend a fair amount of time scouring the web for a particular firearm (or any available ammunition)? On bad days, I weigh seriously whether I should pull the plug and go completely off the grid (not practical, given my work

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Only Atheists in Foxholes?

A friend of mine — a Navy veteran — posted this Breitbart article on Facebook last week, alleging that the Pentagon may court martial soldiers, including military chaplains, who share or promote their faith. As is typical in a case like this, the conservative news sources find the most egregious examples of religious crack-downs (an officer being asked to remove a Bible from his desk) and cite them as the new SOP. Meanwhile, more sympathetic, liberal news sources share examples of their own (a soldier asked to remove an atheist bumper sticker from their car) and insist this is only

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