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Are Sound-Bites Enough For Superficial Catholics?

I can’t quite remember how I ran across the article  “What do liberal Catholics want?” last week, but I’ve been stewing on it ever since. The gist is this: The columnist has been saying that while Pope Francis has said some things that could be interpreted as a softening of the Catholic Church’s stand on certain teachings, actual changes to church doctrine are likely to fall short of the desires of more liberal Catholics. Then a self-proclaimed progressive Catholic called in to a radio show he was on to say, basically, that the pope’s words are all she needs, because

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A Response to ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’

Blogger’s Note: I agree with much of what Meddlesome says in his series below – and I must admit an inferior education on certain points that he raises. Nevertheless, I draw somewhat different conclusions than he about our Holy Father, and at risk of showing my ignorance, I suppose I’ll share them. First, let me articulate my own stance regarding obedience to the Pope as best I can.  Generally, I try to be deferential, assuming the wisdom and intentionality of the Holy Father and giving him the benefit of the doubt. This is not the same as blind obedience –

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A National Monologue

This past week, Leon Suprenant of the Archdiocese of Kansas City shared a blog post earlier this week addressing the story of NBA player Jason Collins coming out publicly as homosexual. Most striking to me in Suprenant’s “top 10” list of reactions to the announcement and subsequent media coverage was this one: (3) National Conversation? Many news outlets talk a good game about the “national conversation” that Jason Collins’ announcement has produced, as if now we can finally have a free exchange of ideas and viewpoints on this subject. So, in the midst of such a discussion on ESPN, pro basketball commentator

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