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Our final American idol?

  As we approach the date of the “Big Game” on Sunday, I thought it informative for us as Catholics in America to reflect upon the following: Super Bowl TV broadcasts start at 11am and end at 10pm Live streaming of all the action is now available on mobile devices A Google search on “Deflategate” yields over 17 million results and has its own Wikipedia article Newer cars have integrated Internet access capabilities The average TV size sold in 2015 is expected to be 60″ or larger 150+ channels available on cable TV; 24/7 news, weather, sports and entertainment Our fallen

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Exit Stalin, Enter Stenger. Further Reflections on Atheistic Materialism

As I read the linked material in Didymus’ post, I remembered and dug out this thin little pamphlet that I had found tucked into my copy Our Bishops Speak, which is a compilation of the letters and reports of the American Hierarchy during the first half of the 20th century.  The pamphlet is a reprint of the 1954 Statement from the bishops.  Note the emblazoned subtitle, the words of which sparked my memory:  Great quote from the bishops (14 signed the Statement)… “Shallow men prattle of a shadowy world spirit or essence of things; of a dim projection of the ego, of a hypothetical construction

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Nothing Bothers Materialism

It is worth a few minutes to read this blog post on the incoherence of atheistic materialism when it tries to explain nothingness.   Apparently the word “nothing” is too complicated for many scientists to understand.

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