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No More Melting Pot!

When I was a lad, we were taught in school that the United States was a great melting pot of immigrants who settled here to embrace the American dream.  Although frequently settling in ethnic communities, they loved this country and strove to become a part of it.  Often by the second generation they had shed their native language and integrated fully into the fabric of the country.  Is that still the norm?  Perhaps with some groups it is, but I seriously question whether everyone still shares that dream.  Particularly, can large groups of Muslim immigrants embrace the cultural uniqueness of

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Illegal Immigration into Europe, and Here, Too

Migration, much of it illegal, from northern Africa to southern Europe is at a record high.  Water routes across the Mediterranean are prevalent and thousands of deaths attributed to capsized boats have dotted the news.  The situation has been escalating for several years, beginning with the failed “Arab Spring” and culminating in the present civil wars in Syria and Libya and the march of ISIS throughout the Middle East.  Stark numbers of both illegal immigrants and deaths during attempted crossings are contained in this informative BBC report, and related stories on their website.  Immigration processing centers in Greece, Malta and

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