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Asylum Living

A good chunk of humanity is insane.  By a good chunk I mean a very big chunk, possibly the majority.  This isn’t hyperbole or poetic exaggeration; I mean quite literally that billions of people in the world are insane.  “Now hold on,” you may say, “a lot of things in the world are in pretty rough shape, but that is going way too far.  Maybe that statement shows that you are the insane one.”  Well, maybe so, but I’m betting my life that I’m not.  And not this piddly earthly life with maybe a few pathetic decades left either, but

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Freedom, Law and Mercy

“Mercy is an important word for me, but in one way or another it is still somewhat condescending. I like to take words like respect and esteem for man as my starting point.”  Archbishop Elect of Brussels Jozef De Kesel. In last week’s post Timshel encouraged us to “resist the urge to focus on the pope’s shortcomings during this time and stay focused on our own.”  In that spirit, I fully disclose that as a younger man I made a habit of ignoring both dogma and discipline to feed my appetites.  “Late have I loved thee, beauty so ancient and

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Interesting Stuff from Dan Hannan. Can there be a Catholic Anglosphere?

Several years ago a fellow junto member turned me on to the British member of European Parliament, Dan Hannan.  He (Hannan) had just dressed down then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, comparing his excuses for English economic ruin to a Soviet apparatchik towing the party line.  This was 2009 and the same charge could just as well been leveled at our own leader, who like Brown was also ordering the takeover/bailout of banks and car companies.  For a while Hannan was on American talk shows for his breakout rhetoric, but since then I had lost track of him. I found

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