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Women and Beer: A Pro-Choice Post

Despite my apparent inability to pour a beer without spilling at our last meeting, I do love a good brew and enjoy trying new beers as often as I can find and afford them. As a family man, however, I have avoided certain beers based on the content of their labels. The brewing industry has long used sex to sell its product; I generally steer clear of the more risque, tasteless, or immoral labels. I simply don’t want these labels in the house, and given the volume of new beers being produced, I’m never at a loss to find something else to

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My Kinda Lent

Now here is a Lenten fast that isn’t for the fainthearted.  Don’t give up beer for Lent.  Give up everything except beer.  Remember, no sacrifice is too great for the kingdom.  I see a fasting club in our future, where we give thanks for malty miracles while growing in hoppy holiness.

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The Bastardization of the Feast of St. Patrick

Over the past few Feasts of St. Patrick, I’ve been keeping a mental log of the peculiar (and often insulting) American traditions that have virtually nothing to do with the good bishop, or even the Emerald Isle. (This article summarizes several.) But this new wrinkle takes the cake: three notable beer brands and big-time St. Paddy’s Day Parade sponsors — Guinness (Ireland’s long-time biggest and best known brewery), Boston Beer Company (brewer of Sam Adams ales in an notably Irish-American city), and Heineken (uh, green bottles?) — have pulled their sponsorships because parade organizers wouldn’t allow certain pro-homosexual groups to

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