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Hypocritical Oath?

As I was away on business for several days, I need to keep this post short and sweet. On BBC Radio’s Health Check show today, I listened to their host and an analyst discuss the phenomenon of Islamic State terrorists in Syria recruiting doctors to join the cause.  It turns out that many doctors have fled Syria amid the danger and chaos, but nevertheless people under ISIS rule continue to get sick and need medical attention.  And- will wonders never cease?- there are Muslim doctors who are answering the call, taking the oath, and getting sworn into their society of

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Miracles and Science: Perhaps Mother Church Has Its Act Together After All

Recently I was listening to BBC, and during their Heart and Soul program they were playing part 2 of a show about miracles and how they are regarded and proved by the Church, and the role of miracles in declaring saints, of which I only caught maybe half as it was played live.  As I went back and downloaded via iTunes, I expected a heavy dose of skepticism, but honestly the Catholic host was clearly moved by his experience in compiling his story, and the show was generally very positive. My favorite part may have been the report from the atheist who studied how the

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