About Us

The Practical Catholic Junto exists for the betterment of each member and, through the actions of the membership, all of society.  Although we are a lay organization, we follow the moral teachings of the Catholic Church in forming our consciences and our activities.  Each member strives to grow in virtue through the fraternal support of his colleagues.

We have five Principles of the junto.  They are Moral Action, Obedience to the Magisterium, Intellectual Formation, Anonymous Philanthropy, and Security.  Each member is required to be a practicing Catholic, as understood by the Church and as agreed upon generally by the body of the membership.

As modern day Americans we are aware of the various struggles to retain strong Catholic practices in an everyday society of secular progressivism, both at the personal level and in our interactions with our workplaces and our government.  We believe, however, that such a balance is possible and moreover even obligatory.

How to promote the dignity and freedom of each human person in a culture which increasingly devalues the same?  How to remain patriotic to our country while our government insists on taking over more and more of our daily decisions?  How to ensure that we and our families are free to practice our religion, without instigating, or being defeated by, violence?

The junto exists to answer these questions from the viewpoint of the American Catholic.

Membership is by invitation.