Abortion is (Really) Hell

A 2014 article in Britain’s Guardian points out that with the withdrawal of UK troops from Afghanistan the Commonwealth will have seen its first peacetime period in a century.  This dubious consistency extends back into previous eras, as befits an imperial power dominating hundreds of colonies.   Of course it is joined by many other major powers, including the United States, in its destructive tendencies–only two humans in history have avoided the effects of the Fall.

The war casualties of the 20th century are breathtaking:  Great Britain: 1.5M; France: 2.5M; Germany: 10M; and the Soviet Union: 30M (including losing 13% of its population during World War II !).  The U.S. has lost “only” about 600,000 lives in this period – nothing to dismiss to be sure, but a number which makes the next statistic and the main point of his article that much more sickening.

This is Respect Life Sunday in the Catholic Church in the United States.  Although the Magisterial teaching about the devotion to human life extends to a myriad of situations, it is on the plight of mothers in crisis pregnancies and resulting unborn victims that we, rightly, focus most of our attention.

Since 1973 the American abortion industry has ground out 55,000,000 lives, and caused millions of additional secondary tragic human casualties.  We’re currently averaging about 2,000 deaths a day.  The so-called military-industrial complex can only dream about such results.  This sarcastic comparison is not really fair to the MIC.  There is such a thing as just war in human affairs, while each and every procured abortion is “gravely contrary to the moral law.” (CCC 2271)

The Church (Militant) is indeed in a war against the pro-death culture that promotes abortion, which is to say we fight against the Enemy, his temptations and our own sin-prone nature.  Given this array of forces against us, it might seem hopeless.  Not so!  Remember that our weapons include prayer, fasting, Scripture, and the Catechism.  Our tactics include catechesis, counseling, compassionate listening, and charitable correction.  Our allies are the Communion of Saints.

Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, pray for us!

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