Quick Reflection: Papal Mass Good PR

This evening I got home from work in time to catch the last fifteen minutes of the Papal Mass celebrated at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, and I flipped between CNN and Fox News to compare their coverages.  In both cases, there was silence from the commentators, who seemed to understand the reverence due the occasion.  There turned out to be a bit of verbal description but they mostly let the video tell the story.

As I watched Communion, with thousands of the faithful walking up to receive the Lord (many on the tongue, no less), I found myself moved to see it played out in this way.  There will be a lot of news and noise from the Holy Father’s visit to America but if nothing else comes of it, perhaps millions of television viewers were able to witness our faith expressed at its very pinnacle, without the snark and accusations and the cynicism from a secular media that for a moment was brought to heel by the arrival of the Church’s leader.  I imagine at least some uninitiated watching the repetition, the line of men and women silently stepping up to be in true communion with God, and for the first time in their lives truly contemplating what was happening, and why.  I reckon this can only bear good fruit.

On a related note, I heard them say that Billy Joel’s concert was booted out of MSG by the Holy Father’s itinerary.  Serves him right for Only the Good Die Young….

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