Church Bankruptcy Intrigues vs. Justice

The Milwaukee archdiocese on August 4 announced an agreement of settlement terms for clergy homosexual abuse victims.  The 330 abuse victims will share $21 million.  Critics were instantaneous in slamming the deal as an abuse of the bankruptcy regulations.

Some items to note:

  • Liberal darling Archbishop Rembrant Weakland presided over the very dark period of peak homosexual abuse, and was proven to have covered up allegations and used intimidation tactics to keep this scandal out of the public view.  Dogged by a late revelation of using archdiocese funds to silence a male lover, he became a shunned former celebrity.  He continues to be insulated from the ramifications of his despicable conduct.
  • The average abuse victim will receive $44,000.  That adds up to $14.5 million.  Where does the other $6.5 million go?  To the attorneys.  Jeff Anderson may seem altruistic when he’s in front of a camera, but at the same time being a lawyer does have it’s benefits.
  • Is the St. Paul & Minneapolis archdiocese going to see the same events and reactions unfold as the abuse claims are reconciled with bankruptcy legalities?  Intermin Archbishop Hebda states that the number of claims is “staggering.”

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