The Story of American Freedom

Once again we are headed toward the USCCB’s Fortnight for Freedom.  I in no way intend to belittle any effort put forth by people I have much respect for, or come across as being an enemy of religious liberty or its importance, but what exactly do we expect the Fortnight for Freedom to actually accomplish?  Is it a movement?  An organized action?  A prayer service?  It has always struck me as something too eclectic and scattered to support a clear plan of action.  Apart from the prayers and fasting good men and women offer for the cause, unfortunately I fail to see it accomplishing anything civically substantial.

One of my all time favorite lecturers has to be Dr. Rufus J. Fears.  Dr. Fears has the ability to fold historical storytelling into a lecture in a way that just seems to pull me in.  It was a bittersweet discovery I made the other day when I can across a set of 18 lectures in a series titled, The Story of American Freedom, and an interesting website of the University of Oklahoma that was responsible to recording these lectures.  I say bittersweet because I also learned of Dr. Fear’s passing only two weeks after finishing the final lecture.  May he rest in peace.

May I recommend preparing for the Fortnight by watching these lectures (maybe even with your kids) and praying a novena as Didymus has wisely recommended to the Junto?


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