Come and Get Me

Scholar and author Brad Birzer has been sharing articles, links, and material this week on Sen. Rand Paul’s relatively lonely (it appears) opposition to the renewal of the so-called Patriot Act. Because I share Birzer’s affection for many things, including our Catholic faith, J.R.R. Tolkien, Russell Kirk, and the idea (at least) of this country, I tend to take notice of the things he is focused on, even when I am otherwise ignoring the news.

This morning he shared this video from C-SPAN:

… as well as this brief opinion piece from the New York Times on the necessity of Sen. Paul’s stand on this important issue. I also ran across this little post about Google and Android, which briefly rekindled in me a desire to secede from the Interwebs.

While I tend to agree with Paul and Birzer that the government has grossly overreached in acquiring and scouring our private communications and data (meta- or otherwise), I have to admit I am struggling with indifference, and the video above only fans the flames. (The flames of indifference? Maybe “douses the remaining embers” is a better metaphor…) I have ceased to put any of faith in our government or their interest in liberty and the Constitution, and so it is hard to muster outrage. My “give-a-damn” appear to be broken, perhaps beyond repair.

Christ and his followers knew a bit about living under a too-powerful regime that was perhaps more interested in power peace and security in the far reaches of the empire than it was in freedom. And they proclaimed the gospel and died like men when called upon to do so.

Not a happy thought, necessarily, but I find a certain peace in not caring what information they gather about me. I am an orthodox and practicing Catholic with all that that entails. If you want me, come and get me — I’m sure you’ve already cracked my pseudonym!

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