Spotlight on Narcissism

“On a reality TV show, a girl planning her Sweet Sixteen wants a major road blocked off so a marching band can precede her grand entrance on a red carpet. Five times as many Americans undergo plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures as ten years ago, and ordinary people hire fake paparazzi to follow them around to make them look famous. High school students physically attack classmates and post YouTube videos of the beatings to get attention. And for the past several years, Americans have been buying McMansions and expensive cars on credit they can’t afford.”
The above excerpt was taken from The Narcissism Epidemic Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean Twenge and Keith Campbell. I had read the book several years ago but it came again into the spotlight last week when First Things Sunday Spotlight featured two essays on narcissism. I found it a very interesting read. Through the use of statistics, polls, and scientific research this book chronicles the changes in the American culture which has helped spread the epidemic. If your summer reading list is already getting too long, I recommend at least turning to The Era of the Narcissist found in First Things.

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