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I have to admit it – I’m hooked. The latest Avengers movie – heavy on action and light on a good plot – was a superhero let-down. But after my son recommended Netflix’s Marvel’s Daredevil as having an engaging superhero character development, I found some down time over the weekend and watched the first episode- and then watched quite a few more.

I confess to being 100% illiterate when it comes to comic book superheros, so I went into this blind (pun intended). But what pleasantly surprised me in this well-done production is the Catholic undertones in the plot-lines and in the moral stances of the characters. The conflict that Daredevil struggles with in doing what is right versus fighting evil forces is played out in a good way that holds out hope for redemption; and not just for his enjoyment of revenge or seeking of retribution. His character seems real – with emotions and struggles that any of us Catholics can relate to. Non-Catholics will label it a Catholic guilt complex, but we would view it as dealing with moral dilemmas.

I noticed a few articles, here and here, this past week highlighting some of the same observations I had.

Maybe it’s a low standard to set, but shows that don’t disparage or ridicule Catholic beliefs or at the very least show resemblance to a real-world Catholic mindset should be viewed as a positive in our current age. At least we can hope the casual audience will grasp something more – and perhaps the seeds of inquiry will be planted.

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  1. Timshel says:

    Might have to check this out. I’m always intrigued about how Catholicism is portrayed in entertainment, particularly when it’s not overtly bashed. That is where my hope for the Jim Gaffigan Show comes in — Gaffigan’s character is not admirable in his Catholicism, but the viewer recognizes that immediately. This sets up room for conflict with good Catholics and non-Catholics, and creates opportunities for growth. We’ll see if those opportunities are capitalized upon…

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