Our Missing Rib, Part 4: Belated Mother’s Day Edition

Blogger’s Note: This is the fourth in an irregular series of posts on the differences between the genders in order to spread peace and understanding.

Mother’s Day was last weekend. In honor of those life-givers whose love and labor sustain our presence in this tilted world and civilize us savages, I thought I’d share two items:

The first is this post from our Catholic comrades-in-arms, Those Catholic Gentlemen, entitled “What You Owe Your Wife.” I’ve run across a number of articles lately slamming Christianity, the “patriarchy,” traditional families (why “families” need such a qualifier is beyond me), and men in general for being misogynistic and discriminatory (articles like the one reference in this post and this one, which I can’t bring myself to write about). It is refreshing to read a post that acknowledges the God-given differences between men and women and their respective missions, while elevating women to the level of imago Dei and our Blessed Mother, the crown of creation. Plus, it reminded of a few things I need to address at the end of my so-called long days at work.

The second is the first episode of a new TV series, The Jim Gaffigan Show. The premise of the show is that comedian Gaffigan (who in reality is a “clean” comedian and known Catholic with–gasp!–five children) is inadvertently outed as a Christian on social media. This first episode deals with the real and perceived fallout of this disclosure. Gaffigan’s TV character is essentially the same as his comedy persona, so you can bet he’s not living the article referenced above. Hopefully Gaffigan’s character will grow and develop beyond the typical clueless sitcom dad, but imagine a TV show in which Catholics really strive to live the faith, and faithful characters are portrayed interacting with a sinful world! The series has potential–though it is not appropriate for all ages.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those women who draw us closer to God!

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