Something Good From Wisconsin

While I am not wrong often, I am nonetheless man enough to admit it when I do stumble into an error once every decade or so.  For many years I had stated nothing good ever came from Wisconsin, but I now concede this to be an erroneous proposition thanks to the people of Red Letter Media.  Based out of Milwaukee, Red Letter Media began making a name for itself with a series of feature length reviews on the Star Wars prequels (I’m not kidding, the three reviews combine for a total of roughly 270 minutes complete with their own stories and characters).  While often crude and certainly not for anyone under the age of 17, the analysis offered in these epic videos have ushered in a new era of film criticism.  Some truly remarkable insights into cinema coupled with refreshing honesty and humor have marked all of the work produced by Red Letter Media for the last several years.

While fans of RLM (that’s what we cool cinephiles call it) often clamor for more feature length reviews, I have found myself becoming more and more drawn to its Half in the Bag show that features discussions on some of the most recently released films.  The show is, of course, esoteric and probably only of interest to film buffs, but it does offer great perspective on the state of not only the movie industry, but also the audience.  As millions of people will be lining up this week to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will no doubt soon be reviewed on RLM’s website, I thought I would share this recent mash-up video from the RLM crew that reminds us of how so many citizens around the world have let themselves be led like lambs to the slaughter.


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