Our Missing Rib, Part 3

Blogger’s Note: This is the third in an irregular series of posts on the differences between the genders in order to spread peace and understanding.

This video has made the rounds of social media before, but two things drew my attention to it this time:

  • I realized the speaker, Mark Gungor, is a Protestant pastor, marriage speaker, and broadcaster — from one of those one-name churches that seem to be springing up all over. Interestingly, I assumed he was a comedian.
  • A number of local wives of people we know are sharing this, saying it’s spot on — which tells me they see some truth in it.

I see humor and truth in it, too (especially the endless sparking of the female minds and the “empty box” piece), but I think he has exaggerated the extent to which men ensure our boxes don’t touch. It reminds me of the classic Garage Logic adage, “Euphorians can’t link.” Not a compliment.

Men can make connections…we just try not to do so spontaneously or continuously. I think our brains aren’t quite so different: both are wired, but the male brain has more circuit breakers — and one big master breaker so we can shut down entirely.

Sorry so brief and lighthearted this week — but it’s time to unplug!

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