Separation of Church and the Fourth Estate, Five Decades On

While doing some research I recently ran across the archives of the Chicago Tribune online from April 1965; imagine my surprise when I clicked into April 18, 1965 — Easter Sunday.  Amid the giant headline with its ominous message about the imminent Vietnam escalation, there are three remarkable front-page items, including a respectful and solemn article about Pope Paul VI celebrating Easter Vigil Mass; a reverent commentary illustration of the empty tomb; and a reading from the Gospel of Mark!

Easter 1965 Chicago Tribune Front Page 3


I do vaguely recall days of yesteryear when news entities treated Christianity with a measure of respect; now it’s either greeted with cynicism or at best relegated to one of many equally valid spiritual “life choices.”  Sure, the newspaper above was out of Chicago, with its rich ethnic Catholic heritage; but this year’s Easter Sunday Chicago Tribune front page?  Nary a peep about the Christ, the Resurrection, or the Pope; but a super interesting headline about… the run off election for mayor.

Easter 2015 Chicago Tribune Front Page


Still, let’s prefer to remember the remarkable front page from 50 years ago, with the slightest twinge of nostalgia and envy.

Easter 1965 Chicago Tribune Front Page 1



St. Francis de Sales, pray for our media leaders, for integrity and conversion!

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