Diminishing Freedom

I have been following the unfolding events in Indiana and Arkansas regarding the Religious Freedom Restoration Act with increasing levels of dismay.  This Register article has a good synopsis of the situation.

The level of hyperbole, hateful intolerance and outright lying by the radical agitators is sickening.  One really has to wonder where this will end up if those of goodwill won’t rise up in righteous response to defend the legislators that have authored the bills.  The enemy is inside the gate, senses victory and will show no mercy.

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  1. Meddlesome says:

    Artemus, your point is well taken, but I find something even more disturbing on this issue. Hyperbole and demagoguery are prevalent on so many planes in our culture now that it hardly is worth singling out this issue on that point. However, the unwillingness to even consider an articulate, respectful dissent is truly alarming (look at this exchange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFPpfgMY8Y4).

    What’s the point in debating if the conclusion is already decided?

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