Hannah Get Your Gun

firingMy wife & I recently had an opportunity to talk to a couple of young woman, high school juniors, about their college choices. One young lady was very excited about pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. When questioned about potential selections, high on her list was the University of Minnesota, since it is a recognized leader in this field. To her dismay, her parents are guiding her away from that school, as well as other large public institutions, citing safety concerns. This is not the first time I’ve heard students discussing the rise in assaults on college campuses, particularly sexual assaults. In this atmosphere, not only do students have to consider academic excellence, student / teacher ratios and tuition but they must also seriously consider incidents of campus violence as criteria for choosing a college. To counter this, a radical new concept has been spreading across state legislatures, letting woman defend themselves by allowing them to carry firearms. http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/USA-Update/2015/0218/Could-carrying-guns-on-college-campuses-prevent-sexual-assault
Currently, carrying a concealed firearm on campus is banned in 41 states, by law or university policy. However with university efforts failing to curtail the persistent number attacks, 10 states are introducing laws to permit carrying firearms on university grounds.
In addition to hauling luggage and building lofts, many fathers might be including a trip to the rifle range as part of freshman orientation.

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